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The greatest playboy of the twentieth century

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Many different people have been named as possible inspirations for fictional superspy James Bond. While Porfirio Rubirosa usually isn’t on that list, his life actually comes a lot closer to Bond’s than most of the people who are.: l. s. K  S3 ?% q- L, |8 a
7 k, B7 _* u4 X
Rubirosa was an international playboy who was romantically involved with some of the most beautiful women of his time. He also led a jet-setting lifestyle that would have even make Bond jealous. Oh, and through it all, there were rumors that he may have been working as an assassin.1 S) w+ W0 Y( K3 ?3 i, p
  P0 O% R* u% m5 x
Rubirosa was born the youngest child of a wealthy couple in the Dominican Republic in 1909. Rubirosa’s father was closely tied to the government and was posted as the country’s ambassador to France. This meant that Rubirosa spent most of his childhood living in Paris before returning to the Dominican Republic at 17 to enlist in the military.
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( {* T# }( [# U! k, G! OPorfirio Rubirosa seems to have possessed a natural charm that few people, man or woman, could resist. This worked to his favor when he happened to meet the country’s dictator, Rafael Trujillo. Their brief meeting had such an impact on Trujillo that he had Rubirosa summoned the next morning and immediately promoted him to lieutenant. His first assignment was to take over command of the dictator’s personal guard.
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" [- B( k. W' t. s9 _4 FSoon, Rubirosa was even married to Trujillo’s daughter, and in 1936, he was appointed one of the country’s top diplomats.
$ O2 Z9 z% P" g* r
/ U) I. g; v9 c5 L. b: [: aRubirosa quickly received a reputation as a ladies man, and he certainly earned it. Women naturally seemed to gravitate towards Rubirosa. According to people that knew him, that was because there were two things they really liked about Rubirosa.
8 q5 Q. A4 x* F+ Q4 Y$ v
& N+ g* Y% F) y许多人被认为是虚构的超级间谍詹姆斯·邦德的灵感来源。尽管Porfirio Rubirosa通常不在名单上,但他的生活实际上比大多数人更接近Bond。
$ P2 I4 e5 {  t5 }3 J
  d2 k1 D4 H. R/ d8 a0 C鲁比罗萨(Rubrosa)是一位国际花花公子,他浪漫地与那个时代最美丽的女性交往。他还过着喷气式飞机的生活方式,这甚至会使邦德嫉妒。哦,从头到尾都有传言说他可能一直是刺客。
* a/ c6 H  B* S2 z
* u7 c6 y* f& N" |# xRubirosa于1909年在多米尼加共和国出生,是一对富裕夫妇中最小的孩子。Rubirosa的父亲与政府关系密切,被任命为该国驻法国大使。这意味着Rubirosa在他的童年时光中大部分时间都住在巴黎,然后在17岁回到多米尼加共和国加入军队。/ O% a; G0 l& `1 @; g# i9 l3 S6 s
7 d# S  F$ ]  A3 e: u! Y' p/ u
Porfirio Rubirosa似乎拥有一种自然的魅力,几乎没有男人或女人能抵抗。当他碰巧遇到该国独裁者拉斐尔·特鲁希略(Rafael Trujillo)时,这对他有利。他们的短暂会面对特鲁希略产生了深远的影响,以至于第二天早晨他召集了鲁比罗萨,并立即将他提升为中尉。他的第一个任务是接管独裁者的私人警卫。( C& b* ]; Z) _; d
, r6 o; V8 E0 L% B' N( x  D
  g5 y- ?9 @* `' K9 k0 S3 G. _& P" h
" W6 S/ p1 j- d5 L: b: c) B鲁比罗萨很快就获得了女士们的声誉,他当然赢得了声誉。女人自然很喜欢鲁比鲁萨。据认识他的人说,那是因为他们真正喜欢Rubirosa有两件事。
" b7 G( S2 ^7 N7 r0 T; `' p5 l: Z3 p* j( W9 {7 P! \

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8 u, G+ y1 e6 ~- u) v+ o& k% v- A$ ?% T: ?! K/ }) s
1 i- `0 W( r' p
First, he knew how to pay attention to them. “He made each woman feel that she was the most important thing in the world,” one friend recalled.5 K+ @3 E  x! U9 ~

- H" P& U: A/ s  S! USecond, and maybe more importantly, he had a much more tangible asset, an “eleven-inch café-au-lait sinker as thick as a man’s wrist,” as Truman Capote once described it.
" W8 k- `2 C$ J* g0 m' A8 P1 J: h- ]! y
As it turns out, a lot of natural charm and a famously large set of genitals can go a long way with some women. Rubirosa was famous for the number of women he was romantically involved with, though he himself refused to discuss the matter, as it was ungentlemanly.1 G1 I# S% O, y# L# I

$ _0 s0 n) J) f$ k  }$ UObviously, all of his affairs put a strain on his relationship with his wife. By 1938, they were divorced, which was a significantly more dangerous position to be in when your father-in-law is the absolute dictator of your country. Somehow, despite this scandal, Rubirosa’s relationship with Trujillo survived.7 e" d6 X& U5 }4 S& ?
: H' T/ t* {, I% p+ ~9 C8 a. z7 g
Rubirosa wasn’t single for long and eventually ran through a string of four more marriages, including one to Danielle Darrieux, France’s most popular actress at the time. Two of the other marriages were to Doris Duke and Barbara Hutton, heiresses who were some of the richest women in the world. Through it all, he kept up his extra-marital affairs with a number of the most prominent women of his time. The list allegedly includes Zsa Zsa Gabor, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford, and Judy Garland.
6 R4 l1 z& J/ {: ~: S5 M  w9 N
8 G* ?. m7 O% R8 J% kTo say that Porfirio Rubirosa married for money might be a little unfair, but he was aware that most of his income came from women he was involved with. He sometimes would even describe himself as a “gigolo.”9 s* B3 J9 J3 V7 p9 j+ L* C2 C7 n
1 W) ]" u$ @/ ?
9 o6 Z2 Y- ]% p, b% q+ y
+ k3 m) G$ ^7 u+ J/ g4 b% h4 V- b5 o  X
其次,也许更重要的是,他拥有更为切实的资产,如杜鲁门·卡波特(Truman Capote)曾经描述的那样,是“一个11英寸厚的咖啡馆下沉式咖啡壶,其厚度与男人的手腕一样大”。( Y3 A, r% p0 f+ N
/ l( Y. y; _1 {$ h
0 d: G! j( t4 l, i6 B
- y4 K- \& x8 e- g显然,他的所有事务都给他与妻子的关系带来压力。到1938年,他们离婚了,当您的岳父是您国家的绝对独裁者时,这是一个更加危险的职位。尽管发生了这一丑闻,不知何故,鲁比罗萨与特鲁希略的关系得以幸存。0 i9 O0 }) k& R0 Q% _4 R

: A/ g5 q$ b# Q& M/ a. v- D1 k: W, G鲁比罗萨(Rubirosa)出现的时间不长,最终又经历了一连串的四次婚姻,其中包括一次与当时法国最受欢迎的女演员丹妮尔(Danielle Darrieux)的婚姻。其他两个婚姻是多丽丝·杜克(Doris Duke)和芭芭拉·赫顿(Barbara Hutton)的继承人,她们是世界上最富有的女性之一。通过这一切,他与当时最杰出的女性保持着婚外情。据称该名单包括Zsa Zsa Gabor,Marilyn Monroe,Rita Hayworth,Joan Crawford和Judy Garland。
+ H( Q+ ^" f1 S1 T5 W/ U* v! z! e, ?  {  H
说波菲里奥·鲁比罗萨(Porfirio Rubirosa)结婚是为了赚钱,这可能有点不公平,但他知道他的大部分收入来自与他有关的女性。他有时甚至会形容自己是“舞男”。% F0 ^7 g& e' l# n3 [; [

& b  j# H* [/ f4 f
, r6 S+ ?7 {% F: c/ Z' t
5 Q- ]1 e# m# k$ D& U3 ]Regardless, the money from his marriages meant that Rubirosa was free to pursue his other interests, which certainly weren’t cheap. Rubrirosa’s greatest passion was probably polo, which he excelled at. But, he found time in his busy schedule for everything from piloting B-52 bombers to treasure hunting in the Carribean. In the time that he had left between the treasure hunting and the affairs with movie stars, he raced cars semi-professionally." \8 |- S! F3 x) h5 S) R
8 @" C- ]( o  L' a
Porfirio Rubirosa’s reputation preceded him just about everywhere he went. But sometimes, his more public scandals led Trujillo to recall him to the Dominican Republic or reassign him to other countries. But while other people who displeased Trujillo tended to disappear, Rubirosa somehow managed to remain close to the dictator through every public embarrassment.+ v' F6 j' y6 K8 j

" }0 c2 y3 A+ J8 y3 O0 F& E5 H: S( j8 F4 o9 h4 Z+ ]
Maybe that’s because Trujillo recognized that Rubirosa was actually a pretty valuable asset to his regime. As he once said, Rubirosa was a great diplomat, “because women like him and because he is a liar.” Trujillo understood that the press Rubirosa got was valuable and used his own money to fund Rubirosa’s lifestyle for years. His only request was that whenever Rubirosa threw a party, he would display the Dominican flag.
- I$ N% |" Y3 ]) g  w* D. `$ d2 q
5 @4 r) C2 J' z& c& ^3 f  S2 h7 GUnfortunately for Rubirosa, his patron’s days were numbered. In 1961, Trujillo’s car was ambushed, and he was gunned down by assassins. Trujillo’s son Ramfis was chosen to replace his father. Rubirosa supported Ramfis and even tried to persuade President Kennedy to do the same. He declined, and by the end of the year, Ramfis was forced to flee the country.# o! S! R7 i. p0 L
2 O2 R9 {+ Q- n; b$ {& N, C0 T
Rubirosa, without the Trujillo family’s support, was soon dismissed from his post as a diplomat. Without the blank checks Trujillo used to write him, he was now constantly short of money.
" x( \! Z% x/ f+ E& ^. L* _  E
6 [" v* v& O) Z7 F' I+ d- ?6 n9 {5 w2 R  g
An increasingly depressed Rubirosa returned to Paris and tried to figure out what was to come next. His drinking, which had always been an almost-nightly ritual, became more intense. In 1965, he was returning from an all-night party in Paris when he plowed the expensive Ferrari he was driving into a tree. Rubirosa died as a result, at just 56.: y+ H; f0 e! F  z9 h

* C* Y4 X1 b" G/ X  fWhile it might be tempting to see Rubirosa’s life as something to envy, there was always a dark side to it. He was frequently physically abusive towards his wives and partners. He even hit his first wife, the daughter of a brutal dictator, which shows not only a lack of respect for women but also a lack of a basic instinct for self-preservation.9 r' @. @2 s" L7 A- }- m' u
; l: p  u* Z4 }- p
One gets the sense that Porfirio Rubirosa had a somewhat pathological need to live on the edge for as long as he could. As he once wrote, “I would rather risk everything than be bored.” And in the end, not even he could keep that lifestyle up forever.9 s  [2 o# `) C* E  Z

1 l# I  \% [+ |; L6 `  ?7 k
% K* e$ c1 k3 u! w( |) W( h& }无论如何,从他的婚姻中赚到的钱意味着鲁比罗萨可以自由追求他的其他利益,这当然并不便宜。鲁布鲁罗萨(Rubrirosa)对马球的最大热情也许是他擅长的。但是,他在繁忙的日程安排中找到了时间,从飞行员B-52轰炸机到在加勒比海寻宝。在他离开寻宝和电影明星事务之间的这段时间里,他半专业地赛车。; f, O% {6 q) Z, y
; H9 F4 i" d6 g; A1 T8 V
Porfirio Rubirosa的名声几乎遍及他所到之处。但有时,他的公开丑闻导致特鲁希略将他召回多米尼加共和国,或将他调任其他国家。但是,当其他使特鲁希略不悦的人倾向于失踪时,鲁比罗萨在某种程度上通过每次公开的尴尬设法设法与独裁者保持亲密关系。
) j* p* Q2 b' z; J5 L
# V- `# f+ M8 o, U* V( ]; g# n8 M, @+ g; y2 b
也许是因为特鲁希略(Trujillo)意识到鲁比罗萨(Rubrosa)实际上是他的政权非常宝贵的财富。正如他曾经说过的那样,鲁比罗莎是一位伟大的外交官,“因为女人喜欢他,而且因为他是个骗子。”特鲁希略深知鲁比罗莎的报业很有价值,并用自己的钱来资助鲁比罗莎多年的生活。他唯一的要求是,每当鲁比鲁萨(Rubrosa)举行聚会时,他都要展示多米尼加国旗。$ y9 H* _- S! @; D

7 L3 l; f4 e7 v/ u: B, z对于Rubirosa来说不幸的是,他的赞助人的日子已经数了。 1961年,特鲁希略的汽车遭到伏击,他被刺客枪杀。特鲁希略的儿子拉姆菲斯被选中取代父亲。鲁比罗萨支持拉姆菲斯,甚至试图说服肯尼迪总统也这样做。他拒绝了,到了年底,拉姆菲斯被迫逃离该国。
1 n! ^  [8 c7 J' a- w0 m0 f, J
9 }% K) u# T2 C$ j在特鲁希略一家的支持下,鲁比罗萨很快就被免去了外交官职务。由于没有特鲁希略曾经写给他的空白支票,他现在一直缺钱。
. l# n8 b$ M9 g: v, U& G5 F( V- R: b7 X: W2 Z7 M8 W

: K5 |1 a! m% j- C3 j4 m9 t越来越沮丧的鲁比鲁萨(Rubrosa)回到巴黎,试图弄清楚接下来会发生什么。他的饮酒本来是几乎每夜都会举行的仪式,但变得越来越激烈。 1965年,当他耕he开往树上的昂贵法拉利时,他正从巴黎的一个通宵聚会中回来。鲁比罗萨死了,只有56岁。. y. [* x/ m7 V9 R5 e6 p
/ T8 j4 R& a4 U
尽管将鲁比罗萨的生活视为令人羡慕的东西可能很诱人,但它总是有阴暗的一面。他经常虐待妻子和伴侣。他甚至打了自己的第一任妻子,一个残酷的独裁者的女儿,这不仅显示出对妇女的尊重,而且缺乏自我保护的基本本能。) }8 B8 u. f9 U& r9 c

4 ^# ~( P+ ~. M# h+ N  Y人们感到波尔菲里奥·鲁比罗萨(Porfirio Rubirosa)有某种病理上的需要,他需要尽可能长时间地生活在边缘。正如他曾经写道:“我宁愿冒险,也不愿无聊。”最后,甚至他也无法永远保持这种生活方式。, w3 n  Q1 n" \! M% d
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Six Life Lessons from Porfirio Rubirosa, the greatest playboy of the twentieth century$ Q$ K% I5 b% g
0 t( Y4 j) ~$ p
What is there left to say of Porfirio Rubirosa? His job titles alone cast a sense of the man – international diplomat-sans-pareil, professional polo player, soldier, political advisor and racing driver – but even they leave something on the table. Gerard Bonnet, an old polo-playing friend from Paris, gets closer to the truth:  “Rubi was the ultimate man’s man. Everyone wanted his style of macho. All the men I know loved Rubi. The ones who didn’t were jealous of him.”
( T1 R8 M  c5 w" N4 c
+ h# _: e) f1 W4 R; dIt’s not hard to see why. Rubirosa’s life was a smorgasbord of anecdotes, capers and aphorisms; a cascade of models, movie stars, dictators and sporting rivals. And though the playboy’s worldview now looks drastically outdated (all the more reason to resurrect it, perhaps), it still represents an unbeatable field-guide to living well. Here are six lessons from the life of Porfirio Rubirosa – take them with a pinch of salt, wash them down with a swig of Bollinger, and let someone else’s wife take care of the bill.
  }0 w3 y9 R- c7 }& S5 ?9 `
8 j# V( p) S0 o; ~, X5 j7 y0 ?- g2 e; q# k( b& G' J
Porfirio Rubirosa还有什么要说的?仅他的职务名称就使人感动-国际外交官,职业马球运动员,士兵,政治顾问和赛车手-但即使他们不在桌上。来自巴黎的老马球演奏友杰拉德·邦内特(Gerard Bonnet)更加接近事实:“鲁比是终极男人。每个人都想要他的男子气概。我认识的所有男人都爱Rubi。那些没有嫉妒他的人。”
" \: b# T+ S" a- s
. O) R( V; w4 R& P  ]( j不难看出原因。鲁比罗萨的生活充满了轶事,刺山柑和格言的杂记。一连串的模特,电影明星,独裁者和运动对手。尽管花花公子的世界观现在看起来已经大大过时了(也许还有更多理由可以使它复活),但它仍然代表着无与伦比的生活指南。这是波尔菲里奥·鲁比罗萨(Porfirio Rubirosa)人生中的六个教训–沾上少许盐,用一小瓶布林(Bollinger)洗净,然后让别人的妻子来承担。
' ?, m7 x: w7 v* a# h. h! |9 Q* [# r9 E4 Q9 h

1 c" S* y7 C# P% S2 z5 W
6 [/ H  E" N/ x  _. ^; |4 X0 o; e- F
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Be Attentive
- f, F8 y9 w5 h6 GRubi’s well attested charm was largely derived, it seems, from a combination of utter confidence and a sort of impish, latin playfulness. But a great portion of it came from his manful attentiveness to his targets. A Vanity Fair profile recalls how “When he was around, an unlit cigarette never touched a woman’s lips.”
7 N4 K% y+ a( X8 n- ^" b/ _
: N" c* k/ c5 P% e+ i8 R' x. F5 wMildred Ricart, meanwhile, an old friend from his home country of the Dominican Republic, remembers how he made everyone feel important. “If he was talking to an 80-year-old or a 4-year-old, the most beautiful woman in the world could walk in and he wouldn’t look at her. He made each woman feel that she was the most important thing in the world. There are a lot of men who are excellent in bed, but you can’t go out to dinner with them.”1 ?  H2 M8 ?; E" [8 N# m2 C1 ]

! q- C: Q. T  \留心- e8 W6 F6 a# k6 F# ^7 i
看起来,鲁比的久经考验的魅力很大程度上源于完全的自信和某种卑鄙的拉丁嬉戏的结合。但是其中很大一部分来自他对目标的精打细算。 Vanity Fair的个人资料让人想起“当他在身边时,一支未点燃的香烟从未碰过女人的嘴唇。”0 o. X& P9 {2 e1 M  ^* g$ T: x
  z0 q! N  `, g0 W0 A
与此同时,米尔德瑞德·里卡特(Mildred Ricart)来自他的家乡多米尼加共和国(Dominican Republic),是一位老朋友,他回想起他如何使每个人都变得重要。 “如果他正在与80岁或4岁的孩子聊天,那么世界上最美丽的女人可以走进去,而他不会看她。他让每个女人都觉得她是世界上最重要的东西。有很多男人卧床不起,但是你不能和他们出去吃饭。”
: q# A6 w, Y0 p' o* M& y+ }$ m' s7 ^8 k% Z5 C) E& {* z
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Be ready
" b: M9 [6 w% D5 VOne of Rubi’s more dubious nicknames was “Toujours Pret”,  or “always ready”. It derived, supposedly, from his constant state of sexual arousal.  (In his novel Answered Prayers, Truman Capote described Rubi’s endowment thus: “An eleven-inch café-au-lait sinker as thick as a man’s wrist”.)
( q, f6 J! G/ ~% _- v( s% f- s8 l* g- J- f3 _, l/ F4 u6 u1 H
But it also referred to his unfailing willingness to say “yes”, and to tackle whatever life happened to throw at him. This readiness saw him taken up, in just his early twenties, as the presidential guard of the newly installed Dominican Dictator Rafael Trujillo. “He had me fitted for a uniform” Rubirosa remembers, “which I liked, because I knew that women would be attracted to the uniform.”
2 X/ n- L% s* b" y, c5 ]( t3 x
0 d: H3 R, j  Y; Z1 ?3 }0 m准备好! ~' o" K& x/ [4 h: A5 {
鲁比(Rubi)更可疑的昵称之一是“ Toujours Pret”,或“始终准备就绪”。据推测,这源于他对性唤起的持续状态。 (杜鲁门·卡波特(Truman Capote)在他的小说《回答的祈祷》中这样描述了鲁比的end赋:“一个11英寸厚的咖啡壶坠子,就像男人的手腕一样厚”。)
. U+ P, s4 R0 n. y2 {4 B; o- o; Q$ R6 x
但是,这也提到了他坚定不移的愿意说“是”,以及解决发生在他身上的一切生活的意愿。这种准备使他在二十多岁就开始担任新成立的多米尼加独裁者拉斐尔·特鲁希略(Rafael Trujillo)的总统护卫。鲁比罗萨回忆说:“他让我穿上制服,我喜欢,因为我知道女人会被制服吸引。”
1 e9 @  X6 z5 @% t0 }; d) S3 h
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