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鲁迅 一件小事 英文

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AN INCIDENT' g" s- Y  V. u& s; P3 a
2 t6 I: t' a' D

3 N" l1 _5 U% E, t1 ~4 ZSix years have slipped by since I came from the country to the capital. During that time I have seen and heard quite enough of so-called affairs of state; but none of them made much impression on me. If asked to define their influence, I can only say they aggravated my ill temper and made me, frankly speaking, more and more misanthropic.
- A6 a. U9 k% N+ M0 T0 i
  H. r7 A5 p/ QOne incident, however, struck me as significant, and aroused me from my ill temper, so that even now I cannot forget it.5 m: l, ~2 v' m2 j0 y# W$ p
5 w5 G9 F6 B- O; o/ m) J2 |& G
It happened during the winter of 1917. A bitter north wind was blowing, but, to make a living, I had to be up and out early. I met scarcely a soul on the road, and had great difficulty in hiring a rickshaw to take me to S—— Gate. Presently the wind dropped a little. By now the loose dust had all been blown away, leaving the roadway clean, and the rickshaw man quickened his pace. We were just approaching S—— Gate when someone crossing the road was entangled in our rickshaw and slowly fell.
) h" M7 s( |, R  a3 j8 b6 E
3 c0 Z$ B. k$ f; P' n! Y- b$ a' jIt was a woman, with streaks of white in her hair, wearing ragged clothes. She had left the pavement without warning to cut across in front of us, and although the rickshaw man had made way, her tattered jacket, unbuttoned and fluttering in the wind, had caught on the shaft. Luckily the rickshaw man pulled up quickly, otherwise she would certainly have had a bad fall and been seriously injured.6 V" L) |# e% k7 K* u/ x6 ^
; _4 ]# Y+ p9 d/ x* L& t# D
She lay there on the ground, and the rickshaw man stopped. I did not think the old woman was hurt, and there had been no witnesses to what had happened, so I resented this officiousness which might land him in trouble and hold me up.! d3 `- G2 }: G. e1 J6 m1 q

  X( Q/ i9 _/ L3 X- _% f"It's all right," I said. "Go on."
: z$ J! R+ p6 p! h) l( c9 l$ t8 i. R# K! _+ M2 v
He paid no attention, however—perhaps he had not heard—for he set down the shafts, and gently helped the old woman to get up. Supporting her by one arm, he asked:0 b* I" E9 {$ w3 p: v; I
" ~$ q. U- @: i7 _6 W# v/ Y
"Are you all right?"6 J) a) |: \% R$ p

: q" g4 f. G, w- O; S"I'm hurt."6 b7 X/ n0 s! ^7 Q" H: ~4 a3 @

; q' {1 q6 f  M9 m% C3 A! T6 ~! JI had seen how slowly she fell, and was sure she could not be hurt. She must be pretending, which was disgusting. The rickshaw man had asked for trouble, and now he had it. He would have to find his own way out.2 I" f1 [: R  O: @0 ?
8 t5 s! k8 v. W1 L* @: |
But the rickshaw man did not hesitate for a minute after the old woman said she was injured. Still holding her arm, he helped her slowly forward. I was surprised. When I looked ahead, I saw a police station. Because of the high wind, there was no one outside, so the rickshaw man helped the old woman towards the gate.
% x6 R3 f3 |$ g: x5 I* i
5 @  _) R% _# }9 W0 H4 f9 T. Q9 M$ ~Suddenly I had a strange feeling. His dusty, retreating figure seemed larger at that instant. Indeed, the further he walked the larger he loomed, until I had to look up to him. Ar the same time he seemed gradually to be exerting a pressure on me, which threatened to overpower the small self under my fur-lined gown.$ v4 y% a  w+ X9 c$ [: P/ H

  H& V- t4 e- CMy vitality seemed sapped as I sat there motionless, my mind a blank, until a policeman came out. Then I got down from the rickshaw.
6 \/ U, X+ Q. c: _: H. {/ C, n" Y( `- V: N  `
The policeman came up to me, and said, "Get another rickshaw. He can't pull you any more."
- U4 Z2 H; Z# G( |4 c& u# K7 D( F8 R
Without thinking, I pulled a handful of coppers from my coat pocket and handed them to the policeman. "Please give him these," I said.
4 B6 ~; f' c1 ?  @, N7 n& p& z% }3 P4 R+ K$ C
The wind had dropped completely, but the road was still quiet. I walked along thinking, but I was almost afraid to turn my thoughts on myself. Setting aside what had happened earlier, what had I meant by that handful of coppers? Was it a reward? Who was I to judge the rickshaw man? I could not answer myself.
: ?: |+ i0 K$ E5 B. _* A0 Q6 A' ^( j  E, D$ b2 ^$ l
Even now, this remains fresh in my memory. It often causes me distress, and makes me try to think about myself. The military and political affairs of those years I have forgotten as completely as the classics I read in my childhood. Yet this incident keeps coming back to me, often more vivid than in actual life, teaching me shame, urging me to reform, and giving me fresh courage and hope.
' B6 j# s3 V+ K  e" k3 M. N0 y
9 `% ^4 P8 @3 ^   N" k9 E" T) o  k6 h0 v8 M

  G# g4 C: p! h! B3 wJuly 1920
- f* V& Q4 K  _" A) u* h# h' z, W' j  v4 w, p' K  W) ?, l

, E; N" H, ~" E( K% i6 m- |( x( H& d& |) M: g8 q3 O8 D7 Z
鲜花(148) 鸡蛋(1)
 楼主| 发表于 2022-10-24 08:29 | 显示全部楼层
我从乡下跑到京城里,一转眼已经六年了。其间耳闻目睹的所谓国家大事,算起来也很不少;但在我心里,都不留什么痕迹,倘要我寻出这些事的影响来说,便只是增长了我的坏脾气,——老实说,便是教我一天比一天的看不起人。2 c( J+ j! P% X4 @0 m1 [
  但有一件小事,却于我有意义,将我从坏脾气里拖开,使我至今忘记不得。* ~+ a0 n, s5 O* a9 o: f6 I
  这是民国六年的冬天,大北风刮得正猛,我因为生计关系,不得不一早在路上走。一路几乎遇不见人,好容易才雇定了一辆人力车,教他拉到S门去。不一会,北风小了,路上浮尘早已刮净,剩下一条洁白的大道来,车夫也跑得更快。刚近S门,忽而车把上带着一个人,慢慢地倒了。# P/ I: @* x4 R+ C& S; W
, U( N1 a/ L; G+ b! \. Z4 [  伊伏在地上;车夫便也立住脚。我料定这老女人并没有伤,又没有别人看见,便很怪他多事,要自己惹出是非,也误了我的路。
7 E; f# R: c3 h! b  我便对他说,“没有什么的。走你的罢!”
. Q( S" n: V) F) B% f  车夫毫不理会,——或者并没有听到,——却放下车子,扶那老女人慢慢起来,搀着臂膊立定,问伊说:
- S$ I" D! P! q; O  “你怎么啦?”
; U9 w9 ^; J8 V  “我摔坏了。”
" W2 T: P, O  f' }% @9 B9 G  我想,我眼见你慢慢倒地,怎么会摔坏呢,装腔作势罢了,这真可憎恶。车夫多事,也正是自讨苦吃,现在你自己想法去。
/ {' x  h, o- o  h5 u7 Y0 k: C6 o  车夫听了这老女人的话,却毫不踌躇,仍然搀着伊的臂膊,便一步一步的向前走。我有些诧异,忙看前面,是一所巡警分驻所,大风之后,外面也不见人。这车夫扶着那老女人,便正是向那大门走去。, ^9 Q! e0 T  R6 E
: J: |! s* l$ h0 i1 g) V8 Z9 G  我的活力这时大约有些凝滞了,坐着没有动,也没有想,直到看见分驻所里走出一个巡警,才下了车。, Y6 i. \  j# F; P6 d8 c1 `
  巡警走近我说,“你自己雇车罢,他不能拉你了。”6 C% l* }5 N3 o) |  K( Z  R
  我没有思索的从外套袋里抓出一大把铜元,交给巡警,说,“请你给他……”. s# ^% o. `6 S% q/ ?
# b* L+ h6 F! }+ M2 N! Q  这事到了现在,还是时时记起。我因此也时时煞了苦痛,努力的要想到我自己。几年来的文治武力,在我早如幼小时候所读过的“子曰诗云”⑵一般,背不上半句了。独有这一件小事,却总是浮在我眼前,有时反更分明,教我惭愧,催我自新,并且增长我的勇气和希望。
, \3 {. E# l7 W  U: o) C1 S
% Z+ T( U$ a' ^; B- u% c; K                           一九二○年七月。⑶# l; E+ q+ z0 v
! C0 d* h  I: x9 g
  □注释- L# w# U! J+ S# @
. G4 W" ]  i/ l: H1 V  I8 B
  ⑴本篇最初发表于一九一九年十二月一日北京《晨报·周年纪念增刊》。) f4 D& ^5 d0 o4 b
  ⑵“子曰诗云”:“子曰”即“夫子说”;“诗云”即“《诗经》上说”。泛指儒家古籍。这里指旧时学塾的初级读物。, Q0 s+ C: G% H
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